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Herbert Presidential Scholars Program

Indiana University offers Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholarships to outstanding Indiana high school seniors with extensive leadership experience. This competitive scholarship program is designed to further develop scholars' leadership abilities by providing excellent academic and co-curricular opportunities. Students selected for this scholarship program receive $12,000 per year for four years of study, a laptop, $2,500 for a study abroad experience, and a $1,500 housing stipend freshman year for on-campus housing. Selection requirements vary by campus, and offers of an Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholarship on one IU campus do not automatically extend to all campuses of the university. Applicants must be Indiana residents. Please note this scholarship amount is inclusive of any admission-based scholarship for which the student may be eligible.

Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars Program Essay:

Leadership is an important characteristic of our Adam W. Herbert Presidential Scholars.

In a 1000-word typed essay, discuss the characteristics and skills of a successful 21st century leader. Describe a successful leadership experience you have had, and what traits make you a successful leader. How do you plan to enhance your leadership skills to help you accomplish your personal and professional goals at IUPUI?

Questions? Contact us at or 317-274-2660.