We’re home to IUPUI’s highest achievers

The IUPUI Honors College helps you build a strong foundation in and outside the classroom.

We do this through rigorous Honors coursework, one-on-one Honors advising, and the best opportunities for research, international study, service, and experiential learning.

We offer a unique Honors College experience, with Honors housing, peer mentors, student organizations, and other benefits that will make your time at IUPUI challenging, engaging, meaningful, and relevant.

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RISE to the IUPUI challenge

When you RISE to the IUPUI Challenge, you're enhancing what happens in the classroom, then reflecting on what you learned. Honors Scholars receive academic credit by engaging on this level, and all RISE courses are documented on your transcript.

Each undergraduate student is challenged to include two of the four RISE experiences—research, international experience, service learning, and experiential learning—into their degree programs. We expect Honors Scholars to do them all. 

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A message from Dean Luzar

Welcome to the IUPUI Honors College, home to our highest achievers on campus. In Honors, you will have the support you need to be successful.

Honors advising, housing, peer mentoring, and student organizations build the foundation for your success at IUPUI and beyond.

Honors coursework occurs in smaller, more challenging classes that are meaningful and relevant.

Our Honors community provides opportunities to form lifelong friendships with other Honors Scholars who want to make a difference.

The foundation you will build in Honors will include the best opportunities in research, international study, service, and experiential learning.