The Honors College Experience

Challenging, engaging, and meaningful

Our Honors community stands out for being smaller and more intimate than most. You'll find lifelong friends and colleagues while doing important work both in and outside the classroom.

You'll have access to our collaborative study space in the University Library, and you'll have the option to live in Honors housing with students who are as academically focused as you are.

You can request a peer mentor who will show you the ropes, and you'll find countless leadership opportunities through Honors student organizations.

Description of the following video:

[Words appear: Honors College at IUPUI]

[Words appear: Involvement with Lindsey Keener]

[Screen fades to Lindsey standing in room at the Honors College]

[Lindsey speaks: I think that IUPUI is a campus that’s very welcoming to incoming students and that there’s a lot of opportunities to get involved, but my being in honors, it allowed me to immediately, you know, get set into a track. Or like, people would just, yeah, you know, “Hey, do you want to be involved?’ I just get engaged with things all the more quickly. There are a lot of places across campus that when they need students for something, they know they want to start advertising it. Whether it be, you know, in our Honors College student council newsletter, or any other avenues they can to get ahold of those students, because they have a reputation for being the ones who get stuff done and are moving things forwards.  

Something that’s really unique about IUPUI, something the staff is very cognizant of, is that we are forming traditions here. And if you have the opportunity, which is very unique compared to a lot of other universities, to, you know, set out and create those types of things. If you see the need for something, then you go out and create it. So, I just really have appreciated how the staff are really supportive of that, as well as my students who surround me every day and my peers and my friends who’ve, you know, they’ve challenged me a lot in the time I’ve been here so far. I couldn’t be any more grateful for that.]

RISE to the IUPUI challenge

When you RISE to the IUPUI Challenge, you're enhancing what happens in the classroom, then reflecting on what you learned. Honors Scholars receive academic credit by engaging on this level, and all RISE courses are documented on your transcript.

Each undergraduate student is challenged to include two of the four RISE experiences—research, international experience, service learning, and experiential learning—into their degree programs. We expect Honors Scholars to do them all. 

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A home that honors your values

Honors scholars have the option to live together in one of two residential communities that are dedicated to the Honors lifestyle. You'll share an important bond you won't find anywhere else on campus, and you'll have a quiet place to focus on academics.

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