Shape your leadership skills

Honors Scholars are natural leaders. They want to make a difference from day one, and they want to rally their peers to do the same.

When you become an Honors Scholar, you'll have built-in opportunities to lead. You can represent the Honors College as a student council member or an ambassador, join a student organization, or create your own club. You can even add leadership to your degree by pursuing a leadership minor.

Be the student voice of the Honors College

The Honors College Student Council communicates students' ideas and concerns to administration, coordinates student activities, and encourages the establishment of new student organizations.

The Honors House Council is a residential-based organization that does community building and educational events for students living in Honors housing.

Leadership positions are available on both councils, as well as in other Honors organizations.

Browse Honors student organizations

Be an Honors ambassador

Each spring, we select ambassadors to represent our community of scholars.

Ambassadors showcase the scholarship, engagement, and innovation that happen at the Honors College while making the rounds at university, college, prospective, and new student events throughout the year.

Join a club—or start your own

Clubs need leaders. We have the Honors Adventure Club, Honors Arts and Culture Society, Academics for Civic Engagement, and two service-based honor societies.

You also can start your own club or organization by making a proposal to the Honors College Student Council for recognition and support.

Minor in leadership

The Honors Minor in Leadership is a 15 credit minor that focuses on the five leadership principles.

Foundations of Leadership
The principles of leadership in organizational settings, with a focus on analyzing the individual, work team, and macro-level environments.

Ethical, Social, and Political Components to Leadership
Decision making in leadership that involves ethical, social, or political considerations. Emphasis is placed on understanding the leader's role in identifying, communicating, and analyzing leadership issues, decisions, and consequences.

Diversity, Global, and Community Leadership
An understanding of and appreciation for leadership exhibited in a variety of diverse contexts. Particular emphasis is placed on the local and global interconnectedness of various leadership issues.

Theoretical and Practical Aspects of Leadership
The strategic nature of leadership, with an emphasis on integration, application, and the translation of leadership theory into practice.

Honors RISE Experience in Leadership
Research, International, Service, or Experiential learning with a specific focus on leadership.

Students may pursue this minor if they:

  • Are enrolled full time at IUPUI
  • Have a 3.5 cumulative GPA from IUPUI
  • Have the ability to complete the minor along with other school and program requirements

Once approved, students must take one course related to each leadership principle in order to complete the minor. Because this is an Honors minor, students are expected to take the Honors section of available courses, or complete an Honors contract for other sections. Students are expected to maintain a B average (3.0) in all courses, as well as maintain a B average overall.