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Research Opportunities

IUPUI Honors Scholars have unique access to the IUPUI faculty conducting cutting edge and translational research. From the life sciences to the liberal arts; in the professions of medicine, dentistry, law, nursing, education, journalism, and social work; and in interdisciplinary collaborations on studies in philanthropy, urban policy, the environment, biomedical engineering, cancer research, informatics, and more, IUPUI Honors Scholars can engage in world class research that makes a difference.

The benefits of participating in undergraduate research are numerous. Consider:

A more meaningful undergraduate experience

Research provides students with the opportunity to explore their majors in greater depth, to design courses and projects more closely tailored to their individual areas of interest, and to obtain first-hand research experience in their fields.

Excellent preparation for graduate or professional school admission

Graduate and professional schools are looking for students who are not only accomplished learners, but who also have the ability to conduct research. Undergraduates who seek out research opportunities in their undergraduate years improve the likelihood of being admitted to prestigious graduate and professional programs.

Excellent preparation for the workforce

The ability to think through a project start to finish and to work independently as well as cooperatively with other staff members are key traits employers seek. By conducting undergraduate research, students demonstrate these and other skills and have a proven track record of project management.

Imagine the Possibilities...

IUPUI Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) connects students with faculty mentors in undergraduate research projects. The program is capped by the annual IUPUI Undergraduate Research Symposium, which honors top student researcher-scholars and explores their work.

IUPUI researcher in a School of Medicine lab
Students spent the summer unearthing local history in an archeology research project.

IUPUI UROP Fellows Summer Program offers opportunities for research or artistic activities in the summer in all disciplines to full-time undergraduate students.

Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) offers outstanding IUPUI undergraduates the chance to work closely with faculty in an intensive summer research experience. The program gives students first-hand exposure to the experiences of graduate school and faculty life.

The Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Institute (MURI) at IUPUI is a research program that brings teams of student scholars and teams of research mentors together at IUPUI to foster inter/multidisciplinary team research. Projects involving more than one discipline are encouraged. Interested students may apply to projects that are defined by mentors of MURI.

The Ronald E. McNair Program at IUPUI is an effort to increase the numbers of low-income, first-generation, and underrepresented students who pursue the Ph.D. and seek careers in research and teaching in higher education. For Juniors and Seniors: McNair Scholars explore research interests, identify faculty research mentors, and begin to learn about the doctoral career path. Summer participants continue research throughout the academic year. For Freshmen and Sophomores: Students just entering IUPUI or completing their freshman year at IUPUI can apply to the Undergraduate Research Scholars Preparatory Program for McNair Scholars (URSP/M) to become Undergraduate Research Scholars. This program parallels the McNair Scholars Program and prepares students to enter the McNair Scholars Program.

IUPUI researcher in a School of Medicine lab
Undergraduates perform real researchers alongside faculty mentors.

Undergraduate Summer Biomedical Research Program at IU School of Medicine offers summer research opportunities in the basic and medical sciences to juniors who have completed at least two years of course work with a background in biology, chemistry, physics or engineering.

The Diversity Scholars Research Program (DSRP) provides scholarships for mainly minority students who are immediately placed in a research setting to enhance their learning. Research mentors and the scholar work together to develop a scholarly research project during the next four years.

Commitment to Excellence in STEM Scholarship offers research fellowships through the School of Science over the course of the summer or the full academic year to women and underrepresented students in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

IUPUI Life-Health Sciences Internship Program is open to IUPUI sophomores and juniors who are pursuing careers in life and health sciences. Students are provided with research opportunities and professional internships on and near the IUPUI campus for the entire academic year.

The Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) is aimed at strengthening minority participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. LSAMP offers summer and academic year student research enrichment and support. During the summer, students work with a faculty mentor on a research project, attend research conferences or field trips and present the project upon completion. During the academic year students enroll in an independent research course for at least one credit and continue to work on their projects with the faculty mentor.

Additional undergraduate research opportunities are offered at the department level.