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The IUPUI Honors College provides students with exceptional educational experiences and opportunities designed to supplement and enrich students' regular degree programs.

Through small courses designed specifically for Honors Scholars, independent research opportunities, recognition of experiential learning, and dedicated academic advising, the program seeks to assist students in developing an individualized program of study that will serve them well in their future educational and professional endeavors. In addition to classroom work emphasizing the IUPUI Principles of Undergraduate Learning, many honors courses are designed to fulfill the expectations of the IUPUI "RISE" initiative.

The IUPUI Honors College experience offers:

  • A common honors academic core through honors-designated course work in the arts and humanities as well as the social and physical sciences.
  • Uniquely designed educational experiences through independent research, Honors Contracts, and development of an individualized program of study. Students work with both their school advisor and Honors advisor to meet the requirements for their degree and complete an academic plan that leads to graduation with Honors.
  • Preparation for post-baccalaureate study as well as professional placement through rigorous coursework, research, and internship possibilities.
  • The opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the world at large through service learning course work, civic engagement opportunities, culture studies, and study abroad experiences.

Students admitted to the IUPUI Honors College Fall 2010 and after graduate with Honors by completing at least 24 credit hours of honors work; students admitted to the Honors College prior to Fall 2010 must complete 18 credit hours of Honors work in order to graduate with Honors. Students who successfully complete the requirements for Honors will receive a notation signifying that achievement on their IUPUI transcript. Additionally, if the student graduates from Indiana University, the Honors Notation will appear on the IU diploma.