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Your Honors advisor will help you develop a four-year academic plan and make sure you're meeting the requirements for your IUPUI Honors College scholarship.

They'll work with you to make sure you're aware of the many RISE opportunities available to you—research, international, service, and experiential learning that will enhance your degree over the next four years. Advisors also will help you plan for after graduation, whether that involves employment, service, or graduate school.

Honors advising does not replace the regular academic advising you'll receive from your school or department. Our advisors give you extra support, for the extra responsibility you're taking on.

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RISE to the IUPUI challenge

When you RISE to the IUPUI Challenge, you're enhancing what happens in the classroom, then reflecting on what you learned. Honors Scholars receive academic credit by engaging on this level, and all RISE courses are documented on your transcript.

Each undergraduate student is challenged to include two of the four RISE experiences—research, international experience, service learning, and experiential learning—into their degree programs. We expect Honors Scholars to do them all. 

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Advising hours are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. While walk-in advising may be available, appointments are strongly recommended. To make an appointment, call 317-274-2660 or email Conner Chamberlin, Communications Coordinator, at