RISE to the IUPUI challenge

When you RISE to the IUPUI Challenge, you're enhancing what happens in the classroom, then reflecting on what you learned. Honors Scholars receive academic credit by engaging on this level, and all RISE courses are documented on your transcript.

Each undergraduate student is challenged to include two of the four RISE experiences—research, international experience, service learning, and experiential learning—into their degree programs. We expect Honors Scholars to do them all. 

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Leah Van Antwerp talks about her academic experiences in the IUPUI Honors College.

Description of the video:

[Words appear: Honors College at IUPUI]

[Words appear: Faculty Support with Leah Van Antwerp]

[Screen fades to Leah sitting in room at the Honors College]

[Leah speaks: I love it. I think it’s definitely made my college experience unique and a lot stronger than other peoples who might not be in the Honors College. I definitely have a lot of support, and I think that’s one of the most important things that I’ve gotten. I know I have faculty members who are willing to support me, who I can talk to about my ideas. I know I have great advising; I have great mentoring relationships. I also think that framework and that foundation of academic success that I had coming into it to be into the Honors College has really helped me in my college career. I’ve been a lot more experienced, and it’s really helped me succeed in my classes. Because IUPUI is smaller than some of the other IU campuses, we are able to have one-on-one relationships with faculty, and we get to do a lot of neat research experiences, which is something that is so important to go onto graduate school. All of my conversations that have influenced my passion for going into higher education have come from conversations with honors college faculty and staff.]

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