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Description of the video:

[Video: We hear birds chirp as Arooj collects the mail from the mailbox at his parents' house.] [Video: Arooj walks up the driveway.] Narrator speaks: Congratulations on your acceptance to the IUPUI Honors College. [Video: Arooj opens and reads his acceptance letter as he sits down at the dinner table.] Narrator speaks: You've been selected as an Honors Scholar because you've gone above and beyond your high school classmates. [Video: We see an aerial view of the IUPUI campus.] Narrator speaks: At IUPUI . . . [Video:] In a research lab, a faculty member observes Arooj as he examines a test tube containing a yellow liquid under a microscope. Narrator speaks: . . . you'll go above and beyond yourself. [Video: Two students in lab coats and safety goggles watch Arooj pipette a blue liquid into a beaker in a research lab.] Narrator speaks: Here you'll make discoveries that have the potential to transform lives and shape the future. [Video: Arooj tutors a fellow student. We see the Indianapolis skyline behind them.] Narrator speaks: You’ll make lasting connections that will expand your world and enrich your life. [Video: Arooj walks across the IUPUI campus on a sunny day.] Narrator speaks: And you’ll make IUPUI— [Video: Arooj prepares food at the Campus Kitchen with fellow students.] Narrator speaks: and Indianapolis—a better place to be. [Video: Arooj practices swing dancing with fellow students on a rooftop at night.] Narrator speaks: As you embrace new challenges, you will find your passion. [Video: A faculty member talks to Arooj as they observe liquid swirling in a beaker in a research lab.] Narrator speaks: Your purpose. [Video: Arooj walks out of the dining hall with two friends.] Narrator speaks: Your path. [Video: Arooj opens his mailbox in his residence hall.] Narrator speaks: And most of all, your home. [Video: Arooj and fellow Honors Scholars gather in the Honors College space.] Narrator speaks: In a community where you'll get the support you need to succeed. [Video: Arooj and two friends walk across the IUPUI campus.] Narrator speaks: Welcome to the IUPUI Honors College. [Video: We see an aerial view of the IUPUI Campus Center at sunset.] [Words appear: IUPUI] [Words appear: Fulfilling the promise] [Words appear:] [END OF TRANSCRIPT]

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The IUPUI Honors College is a place where motivated, creative students work together—and challenge each other—to make an impact on the IUPUI campus, downtown Indy, and the world.

We’re a close-knit community with high expectations and boundless opportunities. You will find meaning and discovery in and outside the classroom, preparing you for a lifetime of learning and engagement.